About Canada Drugs Direct

Canada Drugs Direct is proud to be the success it has been with helping more and more Canadians (and Americans) get prescriptions filled online and delivered right to the door with all the best in affordability, accuracy, and prompt delivery. No surprise that its been so well received by clients being able to stay home and use our online pharmacy to order their prescriptions conveniently.

Canada Drugs Direct is among the best of online pharmacies in Canada and a large part of that is because of our reputation. We make it so that you have no apprehensions about ordering medication online. There are strict regulations related to dispensing prescription medication in Canada and they are rigorously enforced. Our pharmacy here at Canada Drugs Direct is overseen by the College of Pharmacists of B.C. and in the same manner that any traditional storefront pharmacy would be.

This means prescriptions are always received, reviewed, and filled by licensed pharmacists before being shipped by canadadrugsdirect.net.

Welcome to Canada Drugs Direct, where customers gets the same service, professionalism, and trustworthiness that you would walking into a local pharmacy near them. Submit your prescription, pay less for your medication and that’s it – the medications will be on their way.